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Future Leaders League 2014


Unilever presents the Future Leaders’ League 2014, a unique leadership journey for 30 best selected students from all universities in Indonesia to join the greatest league of global future leaders by winning the prestigious country level business challenge. As part of this future leaders’ league, you will get a chance to move one step closer to understanding your style as a leader by receiving leadership mentoring from Unilever Leaders. And also, Future leaders’ League enables access of a global network to make your impact through business.
The 30 selected individuals will then be invited to a 4 days Unilever Camp (U-Camp). Once entering the U-Camp, you will be grouped into 10 diverse teams and compete to represent Indonesia in the Global Future Leaders League.
Over the course of four days competition (U-camp), you will experience:
• All rounded business case competition, covering different business functions
• Empowerment sessions (personal mentoring) from internal & external speakers
• Learn to lead business with a cause
• A chance to represent Indonesia to the global round of Future Leaders League in London, UK
You will compete on a real live business challenge and convince senior business leaders that you are the true global champions.
At the end of the U-Camp, top 3 individuals will be chosen as the representative of Indonesia at the global Future Leaders League.
Competition Mechanism
• You are required to answer 1 chosen question (from the 5 options available)
• The 5 options of question are based on Unilever business functions: Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance, Human Resources or Customer Development.
• The context of the case is based on Magnum, one of Unilever top ice cream brand
• The submission is on individual bases
• We require you to answer based on your function of interest
• The function of interest does not have to be the same with your field of study.
Welcome to the World of Magnum
Magnum enteredIndonesia since year 1992 withminimum marketing support.Ever since 1992 Magnum has never been activated. In 2010, Magnum Almond & Classic (the core variant) was relaunched, turning to an unexpected phenomenon. By highlighting the new Thick Belgian Chocolate as the key ingredient, the launch over delivered its ambition by 50mn euro. During 2010-2012 Magnum sales achievement almost doubled from its original target. The relaunch also created a spiking increase of national ice cream per capita consumption in 2011 by attracting new brand buyers not only Magnum, but also other Wall’s brand.
Habit of ice cream consumption in Indonesia is slightly different compared to other developed market. Ice cream a highly impulsive product (on the go consumption), where as other countries have developed a daily habit of consuming ice cream- people have a habit of stocking ice cream at home. Moreover, Magnum has changed the landscape of ice cream consumption in Indonesia. It entice adult to consume ice cream, where it initially was a children’s habit. Until now, product quality, product innovation, and marketing activity at its best ensure continuous excitement for ice cream market. 
Ice cream business is an independent category within Unilever due to its distinct cold chain system, differentiating itself from other food portfolio. Unilever Ice Cream Factory in Indonesia is one of the biggest and it supplies ice cream product to several countries in South East Asia and Australia. Ice cream business has to be supported with its own delivery system (temperature controlled truck) and fridge/cooler box placement. Ice cream sales mostly happen in Modern Trade (MT) where Walls fridge/cooler box could be placed. In terms of sales performance, MT Minimarkets have higher performance in selling ice cream compare to MT Hypermarkets and Supermarkets.
The Case:
• If you are interested in Marketing:
Imagine yourself as the Brand Manager of Magnum, what activity would you create as a part of the marketing activation of Magnum? Explain your answers.
• If you are interested in Supply Chain:
If you were the Production Manager of Magnum, how do you manage the continuous innovation of Magnum? Explain your answers.
•  If you are interested in Finance:
If you were the Finance Manager of Magnum, what are the financial risks that we need to take into account by launching more flavors to the market?
• If you are interested in Human Resources:
Since growing innovation is Ice Cream category’s growth model, what capability building would you build to sustain the brand team’s ability to innovate? How would you execute the desired capability building.
• If you are interested in Customer Development :
If you were the sales manager for Magnum, where and how do you think Magnum will sell best and why?
This competition is open to minimal 2nd year students all across Indonesia
Send your submission to FLL.Indonesia@unilever.com with subject SUBMISSION by 15th October 2014
Further Information
Any questions related to FLL 2014 can be sent FLL.Indonesia@unilever.com with subject QUESTION
Or you can go to Facebook: Unilever Careers & Twitter: @ULICareers
Full registration guide can is downloadable in below information box.

Info Lengkap dan Registrasi http://www.unilever.co.id/careers-jobs/graduates/fll/DISINI

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