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SCG International Internship Program Year 3 is now ready to take you to the Land of Smiles!!! If you are from Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam, this internship opportunity might be yours! Please read below for more information :
SCG International Internship Program Year 3
Application Guidelines
SCG, one of the leading ASEAN conglomerates, is offering a one-month internship program to students in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The program aims to give participants real work experience and training opportunities at SCG.
In 2015, 40 selected participants from 5 ASEAN countries will take one-month internship in Thailand. SCG International Interns will receive the following benefits:
• Round trip ticket to Bangkok, Thailand*
• Accommodations
• 500 Baht (17 US Dollars) allowance/day
• Special training program
• Project assignment
• Participation in SCG’s CSR activities
• Sightseeing tour of Thailand
• Certificate of completion
To see photos from our previous year's activities : http://goo.gl/MMcC7f
*Transportation either by land or air will be provided based on the location of participants’ universities
If you are energetic and willing to learn and want to develop yourself for your future career, then join the SCG International Internship Program. It will help you get real work experience, expose to different work cultures, and grow your network with international friends, which are key to getting great jobs in an increasingly competitive job market.
Applicants will need to have the following qualifications:
1. Be a citizen of Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines or Vietnam
2. Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree (For Cambodian, Indonesian, Myanmar, Filipino, and Vietnamese).
3. Pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (For Myanmar only)
4. Major in (or related to)
For Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Myanmar nationals,
a) Engineering: Mining, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Automation and Control, Chemical, Industrial, or Environmental Engineering
b) Business: Business Administration, Finance, or Marketing
c) Social Science: Psychology, Political Science, Social Studies, or Economics,
d) Law
For Philippine and Cambodian nationals,
a) Engineering: Mining, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Automation and Control, Chemical, Industrial, or Environmental Engineering
b) Business Administration, Finance, or Marketing
5. Applicants must have completed the 2nd year of their study (for Bachelor’s degree).
6. Have a good command of the English language
7. Be energetic and willing to learn
8. Can participate in the internship Program in Thailand from June 15th-July 14th (for Indonesian, Vietnamese, Myanmar, and Filipino nationals) or August 9th – September 8th, 2015 ( For Filipino and Cambodian nationals)
Number of participants:
Cambodia: 5 Indonesia: 12 Myanmar: 10
the Philippines: 2 Vietnam: 12
Total: 41
How to apply?
1. Visit www.facebook.com/SCGcareer and fill application form athttp://goo.gl/osP1rr
2. Applicants are required to complete two essays. They must be your original work and MUST have between 400-600 words. Plagiarized essays will not be scored and will be blacklisted from future SCG programs. You can find the essays’ topics below :
a. SCG's business philosophy has 4 core values (1.Adherence to fairness 2.Dedication to excellence 3.Believe in the value of the individuals 4.Concern for social responsibility). In your opinion, which of the four do you think is the most important value in conducting a sustainable business? Why? You can learn more about SCG's business philosophy atwww.scg.co.th ( 400-600 words)
b. Explain a situation where you had to face difficulties or challenges and how you managed to solved it.
3. Deadline of submission is February 14th, 2015.
4. First-round shortlisted candidates will be contacted by March 15th for an interview
Special Note
"Information Session"
Do you have questions about the SCG International Internship Program?
If you do, join our Information Session and talk with SCG Staff who will share highlights of the program and answer questions about application process. In 2014, the program received more than 900 applications. Join the session to learn how to stand out of other candidates and get your ticket to Thailand!
During the session, you will learn about:
A. SCG Business ( which will be useful for writing your essays)
B. SCG International Internship Program, How to apply
C. Interview Tips by SCG , How to get through the interview
Register for your seat below to win lucky draw and receive a special gift from SCG International Internship Program!
Information Session will be held at :
1. Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) : 31st JANUARY at SCG Office at 10th Floor, An Phu Plaza 10.00-12.00 or 14.00 - 16.00*
*The address of An Phu Plaza is 117-119 Ly Chinh Thang Street, Ward 7, Dist 3, HCMC. (The building is on the right hand side between Tran Quoc Thao St. and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia st.). Please note that we have limited seats at the office (first come first serve).
2. The Philippines (Manila) : 3rd FEBRUARY at De La Salle University -9.15 -10.30 ( Room to be confimed by email)
3. Indonesia (Bandung) : 6th FEBRUARY at Institute Technology of Bandung - 1.00 - 2.30 PM. at Galeri Arsitektur
4. Thailand (For Myanmar students) : 11th FEBRUARY at Asian Institute of Technology 1.30 - 3.00 PM
5. Thailand : 11th FEBRUARY at Assumsion University (Suvanrnabhumi Campus) 5.00 - 6.30 PM
Link to register : http://goo.gl/fMsZfr
See you!
SCG International Internship Program

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